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Dec. 30th, 2010

Wow it is dead in here....

So, guys. Remember that one fic that I posted on here a really really really long time ago? Well I started to continue it again. (Like OMG it's a miracle!) Thing is... I can't write action scenes at all. Which is pretty stupid of me since the whole thing is gonna be action... But yeah.

Basically, is there anyone here that can help me and offer some suggestions on how to write action scenes and help me beta read? I don't know where else to go...

(There is no romance by the way, though it is centered on Gold and Silver....)


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Dec. 30th, 2010 04:15 am (UTC)
...It is pretty dead, isn't it? ;;

I don't remember your fic, but uh... *looks it up*
Oh~ Okay~

I'm not too knowledgeable about PokeSpe verse, but I wouldn't mind helping beta. '3'
Though I do own volumes 8 and 9, so it's not like I couldn't acquaint myself with it a bit.

But... I guess I've never considered writing action to be that much different than writing anything else. Just more action-y vocabulary, I guess. You know, just like making things sound rapid and forceful and whatnot. o3o
Dec. 30th, 2010 04:44 am (UTC)
LOL. You can read all of the manga here: http://giantbev.info/jb2448/gallery3/index.php/

But you're gonna have to read all of it, cause if I don't get lazy and stuff, this is gonna turn into a mass crossover of all games including Ranger and Gales.

Ya. A little too ambitious for someone lazy like me, but eh, that's how my mind works.

Can you help me out with the action scene then? I have like, none of it written ;A;.
Dec. 30th, 2010 04:58 am (UTC)
Oh hey~ That's handy~! :D

Hm~ Nothing wrong with ambitious. =3=
I have a rather ambitious project of my own, heh.

I'll do my best to be of service! To be honest, while I've written action scenes before, most of them have been Pokemon battle RPs, so... well, one somewhat experienced person is better than no one, right? :D?

Besides, simply having another person to look at it and bounce ideas off of can be a big help in and of itself.
Dec. 30th, 2010 05:00 am (UTC)
Geez you are fast! Ok, so do you have any ims?
Dec. 30th, 2010 05:06 am (UTC)
I have MSN, Skype, and AIM, but you're most likely to find me on MSN.

That said, my account is: wishmakerlji@hotmail.com
Dec. 30th, 2010 05:08 am (UTC)
Added! If you don't get it, my MSN is kittyneko11xox@yahoo.co.uk
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