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Back With a New Icon... Oh And Art!

Hey, I'm back with another pic!

Also, there's another matter I wanted to address. I've noticed the layout of this community to be a bit... Dull... Not to offend anyone, it's better than some I've seen but I'd like to offer a banner. You may look in my journal to see a sample at the top.

Please let me know in advance and any other specifications.

Thanks in advance!

50 Rules Silver must abide to

Yup. Twice in one day~


Special thanks to aruka_san for helping me with this one.
It's not really Precious Metal Shippy, but it has some things.


Click the link to my journal to see.

Moar love plzz

Hi I come out of hiding. And I draw useless stuff yay.

( Cut that's so fake it doesn'te ven bleed. )

I think this comm should live moar :c

Halloween Presint of the Yaoi Variety

 Greetings my fellow shippers. :3

Well, tonight's the night my Gold and I go trick or treating in our new costumes ~ You are NEVER too old to trick or treat. Anyways, we're accepting some fan service requests! They must be a little bit specific. Even better,f etch us some of your favorite fan art pics, post them and we'll mimic them but specifics are encouraged since there's just only so many ideas we can come up with ourselves. XD


(PS: Icon was made by me. Ask and give credit before using.)

Since Aeon recommends I post it here, I shall.

Title: Dusk (might change)
Summary: PokeSpecial Verse. Team Rocket's back with overwhelming power. One of the pokedex holders is missing. Coincidence? "Crystal? Do you know where Gold is?" "Dammit! Let me OUT!" Never.
Rating: T for language, might go up
Chapters: Prolouge | Chapter 1

Linked to my journal.


Oct. 21st, 2009

Hey, lurker delurks here. I'm writing a Silver and Gold centric fanfic, but it's not going to be yaoi I think. Should I post it here anyways? Cause yaoi knows how few Gold and Silver stuff there is. Prolouge's up in my journal if anyone wants to check it out.

Also, recently I uploaded all of my Silver/Gold, Silver and Gold pics up on aarinfantasy. And it made me think that we should upload those pics here too. Anyone else think so? We could make a photobucket account and host them onto that one account.

Oct. 2nd, 2009

 Hello! I'm new here and I come bearing some of my art. :3

comments are fapped overCollapse )

I'm debating weather to color the first one... Any thoughts?

Hi there.~

Mm, I hope introductary posts are allowed.

But anyhow, greetings fellow PMS fans. 8D Don't really expect much other than drabbles or findings in the remakes, as you can tell by my empty journal. Even so, the only things I really do are RP and fanart hunt if that counts. There really needs to be more Gold and Silver RPers. D: Buuuuut I shall try and contribute as much as I can.

/lame post